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We leverage proprietary processes to build great companies from scratch.


We'll discuss your objectives and develop an actionable strategy for your progress.

Note: Venture building is available for both corporates and investors. Read below for our areas of expertise.

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From entrepreneurs to brands to growth agencies, read how leaders are benefiting from our expertise
CPO, Bussr Founder
IM Shousha
3d-avatar-male_lg 3.png
When building a leading green mobility company, you must solve many complexities in a fragmented market. Having Hussein and Emerge as reliable partner and investor who shares your vision from the beginning was paramount. We raised a $6 million seed round from top regional and global investors and grew our mobility network to 420 cities across 7 countries and to
over 1 million users in 8 months.
We made back the cost of his coaching in less than 3 days."
CTO, TCP Founder
Mo Shahin
“To build TCP as a market leading b2b lending platform and successfully raise $2.2 million 
pre-seed round, it was crucial that I have a strong product market fit. Hussein’s my go-to expert on all things venture growth. It’s great to work with someone like Hussein who brings a data-driven and systematic approach to his work. None of his coachings is off-the-shelf. It’s all personalized. I am so fortunate to have him in my corner. I couldn’t recommend him more strongly enough.”
CEO, Cros Founder
Sachin Agrawal
3d-avatar-male_lg 2.png
"Cros is a pioneering Web3 infrastructure platform for brands. Hussein and Emerge team helped us to attain segment leadership by offering new technologies, market insights, and raising a $1.5 million seed round. I was impressed by the unique content frameworks, platform knowledge, and tips for optimizing CTAs (to grow our partners). I know a ton of Founders, and Hussein is one of the most strategic and data-driven. He also happens to be a great guy!”

1. Business Model / Product Launch / Funding Strategy


  • Coached 1,000+ founders

  • Scaled 3 companies to over $1 billion valuation 

  • Grew customers to 100+ million on 6 continents

  • Raised $1+ billion from investors

  • Hired 600+ people in 25 countries

  • Invested in 200+ companies

Things We can advise on:

  • Business ideation and positioning 

  • Pitch deck and business plan

  • Team building (Co-founders & Team)

  • Product launch (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Fundraising strategy and investors reach out 

  • Marketing, Partnerships, and Distribution strategies

  • What strategies work best on each marketing platform (Twitter, IG, LinkedIn)

  • Platform-specific algorithm tips to speed up your growth

2. Product Design / Technoloy Development


  • Microsoft Leadership Engineers

  • Google C-Level Architects

  • Fortune 500 Consultants

Things We can advise on:

  • Platform and technology selection

  • User experience (UX) and design to ensure an intuitive product

  • Scalability of the product to handle increased demand

  • Ensure the security of the product to meet industry standards

  • Metrics and tools for tracking, collecting, and analyzing data 


We’d love to help you achieve your goals! Click below to get started.

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